An Update on Big4Bio’s LinkedIn Groups

As Big3Bio rebrands to Big4Bio, the organization’s LinkedIn presence will also be reshaped.

LinkedIn groups have the potential to instigate meaningful discussions among members of the community. In the past, Big3Bio has cultivated three region–specific groups, Boston, San Diego, and SFBay. But with Big3Bio rebranding to Big4Bio, we have made the decision to unify the three groups under one Big4Bio group/umbrella — the Big4Bio Networking Group — which will already contain the members of the SFBay group.

We hope that members of the Boston and San Diego groups will consider joining and contributing to our central Big4Bio Networking Group. Participating in a LinkedIn networking group, we think can have multiple benefits, some of which are listed below:

1. Networking with other members of the industrial and research community

2. Sharing ideas that may prove beneficial to professional and/or business development

3. Keeping abreast of news from Big4Bio

4. Availing of information that is exclusive of Big4Bio’s four regional newsletters

5. Engaging in active discussions on relevant subjects

In addition to the LinkedIn group, Big4Bio can keep you updated on the latest biopharma–related podcasts and videos via our SoundCloud and YouTube channels.

You can also follow along on Twitter at our different handles—Big4Bio, Big4Bio:Boston, Big4Bio:SFBay, Big4Bio:San Diego, and Big4Bio:Philly.