october, 2017

16octallday17allday4th Technology Transfer for Biologics


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A biopharma company’s very survival depends on its ability to maintain product quality throughout every step of clinical and commercial manufacturing. You must always be prepared to lead highly motivated teams through every step of process transfer and scale-up with an eye on cost-effectiveness and quality assurance. Success in these transfers depends on the proper design of both team leaders and manufacturing facilities. In addition, the biotech industry’s product portfolio is now more diverse than ever, with an unprecedented production volume of new therapeutic classes such as antibody-drug conjugates, bispecific antibodies, fusion proteins and biosimilars. Industry experts must navigate a steep learning curve for successful method transfer for these new molecules. ExL’s 4th Technology Transfer for Biologics is the only educational conference in the U.S. to specifically focus on this subject matter, featuring unequaled insights into how to improve process management techniques and minimize variations between biologic runs at all production scales.

October 16-17, 2017

Boston, MA



october 16 (Monday) - 17 (Tuesday)



Boston, MA