september, 2015

22sepallday24allday6th World Bispecific Antibody Summit


Event Details

Now in its 6th year, the World Bispecific summit continues to help the community develop more clinically successful bispecifics.

This year’s agenda has been crafted to find transferable solutions to 3 of the biggest challenges faced by drug developers.

Increase the potency and efficacy of your bispecific by successfully validating synergistic targets. Learn to spot the signposts for impactful target-combinations, and invest in these pairings earlier in development.

Optimize bispecific development by effectively characterizing in vitroand in vivo properties for improved preclinical efficacy. Improve translation into the clinic and confidently predict clinical performance using the latest humanized preclinical models.

Maximize bispecific manufacturability by exploring the latest techniques for robust expression, developing scalable processes, improving yield production and reducing impurities. Overcome developability hurdles to accelerate the progress of your bispecific.

With talks by industry experts, from Roche, Amgen, MedImmune and more, World Bispecific concentrates on science, data and tangible lessons learned. There will be no platform overviews. Instead, take home practical solutions to enable the robust development of your bispecific project.

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september 22 (Tuesday) - 24 (Thursday)


3rd Floor