december, 2014

08decalldayalldayAdvancing the Frontiers of Regenerative Medicine


Event Details

The field of stem cell biology continues to evolve at a rapid pace.  In drug discovery, stem cells are finding a “niche” as tools for generating physiologically and genetically relevant assay systems for identifying and validating new targets and molecular therapies.  Stem cell researchers are also making significant advances in the use of patient-derived and engineered cells as direct therapies.  This symposium is aimed at forging networks among drug discovery scientists and stem cell biology experts, who will discuss the latest breakthroughs in this promising area of medical research.  The meeting will provide an opportunity for participants not only to learn about the use of stem cells as tools and therapies, but also to share knowledge and explore new experimental paths that will enable the improvement of human health.

Who should attend: Drug discovery scientists, principal investigators, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students as well as those with a general interest in regenerative medicine.


All Day (Monday)