february, 2015

24feballday25alldayBIOTECH AND BEYONDhttps://www.ttivanguard.com/conference/2015/biotech.html


Event Details

From resurrecting the wooly mammoth to 23 & Me, the blending of the DNA code and computer code is turning biology into biotechnology, bringing big data into pharmacology and healthcare, and redefining wellness. Meanwhile, robots are entering hospitals as diagnosticians and surgical assistants as well as orderlies; sensors are feeding doctors more data on their patients than they know what to do with; pharmaceuticals are being turned out in home labs; and prosthetics are making us all cyborgs to one degree or another. Biotechnology is extending far beyond healthcare into every facet of our personal and professional lives.

Topics we expect to cover include:
• Ultrasonic intra-body area networks
• Cancer and immunology
• Transmitting bodily sensor data in real time
• Using massively parallel simulation to study disease
• Supercomputers versus viruses
• The hospital of the future
• The operating room of the future
• Geckoskin and other biomaterials
• Are biotech startups different?
• Biohacking
• Mapping the brain
• Industrial biotech
• Optical brain scanning
• Repairing teeth with stem cells
• Innovative medicines
• Epigenomics


february 24 (Tuesday) - 25 (Wednesday)