july, 2019

15julallday16alldayBusiness of Regenerative Medicine conference


Event Details

The Harvard Stem Cell Institute invites you to join the 12th annual Business of Regenerative Medicine conference at Harvard Business School. Our theme this year is Defining and Creating Value.

About the program

Over two days of panel discussions, presentations, and networking, our distinguished speakers will provide insights – as well as guardrails – for navigating the emerging industry of regenerative medicine.

We will explore how advances in cell and gene therapy, drug development, and bioengineering in regenerative medicine are moving from the lab to the patient – and what it will take to identify real, lasting value for business and society.

Breakthrough technologies are thrilling in their novelty and can be transformative in their application, but regenerative medicine technologies defy the normal paradigms of both business model development and market-potential assessment.

How does one ‘define value’ when considering such a new technology? How does one ‘create value’ when building a company on a novel platform? In today’s market, how does one price such an innovation in different healthcare systems?

At the 12th annual Business of Regenerative Medicine: Defining and Creating Value, you will engage with CEOs, venture capitalists, experts in biomedical research, and patient advocates to make sense of this complex and shifting landscape.


july 15 (Monday) - 16 (Tuesday)