october, 2015

01octalldayalldayCancer Immunotherapy: A Game Changer for Cancer Treatment – Breakthroughs in Science, Translational Medicine, Clinical Development & Latest Trends in Oncology Practice and Business Partnerships


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This workshop aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the exciting field of iCancer Immunotherapy from the latest biologic insights to the immuno-oncology pathways, key learnings in translating research findings to the clinic, latest clinical data on approved immuno-oncology agents and emerging agents in the pipelineas well as trends in business partnerships.

  • Overview and Fundamentals of cancer immunotherapy
  • Immunologic Strategies for Leukemia and Lymphoma (working title) (Holbrook Kohrt, MD, PhD, Assistant Professorof Medicine, Stanford Cancer Institute)
  • Maximizing the benefit of anti-PD-1 therapy (Gary Starling PhD, Associate Vice President, Biologics Discovery Operations, Merck)
  • Multipronged Approach with Immunotherapy and Direct Targeted Killing to Say Bye2Cancer (Sanjay Khare PhD, President & CEO, ImmuneGene)
  • Finding Gold in the Goldilocks Zone, the Flexus Story of Drug Discovery in Immuno-Oncology (Juan Jaen, PhD, Former President & Head R&D, Flexus)
  • Unlocking Immuno-Oncology Therapeutic Potential of PI3 Kinase and HDAC (Stephen Shuttleworth, PhD, FRSC, Chief Scientific Officer, KarusTherapeutics)
  • Bioanalytical Strategies and Challenges for Large Molecule Cancer Immunotherapy Drug Development  (Eric Wakshull, PhD, Senior Scientist/ Group Leader, Genentech)
  • Chasing Gold: Cancer Immunotherapy Deals & Business Outlook (Cheni Kwok PhD CLP, Managing Partner, Linear Dreams)


All Day (Thursday)


Crowne Plaza

1221 Chess Drive Foster City, California 94404