november, 2014

10novallday12alldayCancer Informatics for Cancer Centers Fall 2014 Symposium


Event Details


  • Key Theme: Round 2 NCI Cancer Clinical Genomics pre-conference Workshop.  Integration of Genomic Data into the Clinic and Back.  Standardization of NGS for Clinical Diagnosis
  • Key Theme: Research & OMICs Data Warehousing Operational Models
  • Key Theme: Biospecimen Informatics for the Modern Cancer Center,  Biobanks and the Electronic Medical Record: Cost Effective Research
  • Key Theme: CI4CC Initiatives and Working Groups Presentations
  • Business Intelligence for Research: Show me the data!
  • Bridging the Gaps in Academia with Enterprise LIMS, and its impact on Precision Medicine.
  • Clinical Genomics Systems National Bake Off:  Submit you data soon!
  • Precision Medicine in Oncology and Knowledge Networks
  • NCI Designated Cancer Center ‘Super\’ Shared Resources and Informatics Core Project Management Tools
  • Future in CTMS Interoperability Standards and Metrics.  Billing, Coding, Auditing, and Compliance in Research.
  • Data Sharing Standards and HL7
  • Adaptive Molecular and Cooperative Group Clinical Trials for the 21st Century
  • Round 2 CTMSs, EDCs, and the EMR: Future and impact of RPE in Academia
  • Imaging Informatics & Associated National Standards
  • Mobile Technology and Clinical Trials Research: Roundup of Leading National Projects
  • NCI Cloud Computing Infrastructure supporting Cancer Center OMICs and Cancer Informatics Projects
  • NCI Cancer Centers Administrative IT Needs: When and Where Informatics Leadership Steps In
  • CMIO Panel:  ACA Organizations and Cancer Centers: Outline of where things are headed and what to expect


november 10 (Monday) - 12 (Wednesday)