may, 2018

08mayallday09alldayCancer Microbiome Congress


Event Details

By attending the Cancer Microbiome Congress you will:

  • Discover how the microbiome interacts with immunotherapies such as PD1 to improve the efficacy of immuno-oncology drugs.
  • Build the foundations of interdisciplinary collaboration between the fields of microbiology, immunology & oncology to accelerate this pioneering field.
  • Learn how to use the microbiome to determine how to better stratify patients, improve patient outcomes and further the potential of immunotherapy.
  • Meet and hear from companies such as Seres and Vedanta who are leading the way in developing microbial therapeutics, to build business partnerships & research collaborations.
  • Discover the breakthrough research into the mechanisms behind the microbiome’s influence on cancer initiation and progression.


may 8 (Tuesday) - 9 (Wednesday)