december, 2014

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Event Details

Featuring Undergraduate Research, Career Exploration, and Networking (formerly Networking Event)
Our Bioscience Symposium is day-long conference organized by enthusiastic students in the nationally-recognized Bridge to Biosciences program, and featuring :
    • A chance to communicate their undergraduate scientific research with scientists and peers.
    • A undergraduate research scientific poster session and competition featuring our students\’ work at UCSF, USDA, Oncomed Pharmaceuticals
    • A chance mingle with like-minded professionals, educators and students interested in changing the face of Biotech.
    • An opportunity for \’new\’ Bridge to Bioscience students to share their area of interests with potential mentors.
    • The opportunity for mentors or scientists to meet new internship candidates and discuss their scientific interests.
    • Student and industry panels to discuss job search, biotechnician workforce training and education.
    • Practice Job Interview Panels to support our students\’ transition to a life science career or further higher education.
    • Food! Lunch and refreshments will be served for our guests, throughout the day.


All Day (Friday)


Genentech Hall

16th Street San Francisco, CA 94158