may, 2015

18mayallday20alldayCell Line Development & Engineering


Event Details

This is the industry\’s leading cell line conference that delivers you tools, knowledge and innovative process and product strategies and platforms for critical bioproduct development. Featuring coverage on cell line stability, predictability, authenticity, quality, and manufacturability.


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By Attending You Will:

  • Get first-hand knowledge on process intensification using proven platforms for high-throughput cell line development
  • Leverage systems biology strategies for greater predictability, productivity, and product quality
  • Ensure cell line authenticity, reduce timelines and increase titers with the latest recommended practices

Keynote Presentations

\'Matthew30 kg of Antibody Per Batch from High Density Single-Use Bioreactors
Matthew Croughan, Ph.D.
Industry Professor, Amgen Bioprocessing Center and Founding Professor, Bioprocessing Program
Keck Graduate Institute

\'MichaelGlyco Engineering: In Silico versus In Cells
Michael Betenbaugh, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
Johns Hopkins University


may 18 (Monday) - 20 (Wednesday)


Parc 55 Hilton

San Francisco, California