december, 2014

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Accelearate the Adoption & Application of Clinical Genome & Exome Sequencing

CGES 2014 is the industry-defining platform to enable you to harness the power of clinical genome and exome sequencing. By bringing together the industry’s leaders who are most effectively applying these disruptive technologies, CGES 2014 will be discussing and tackling the biggest challenges and opportunities in this burgeoning field.

This meeting will provide you with the blueprints to achieve success in dynamic and challenging areas of research such as breaking through the NGS data analysis bottleneck, discovery and validation of clinical biomarkers, whole genome and exome sequencing for patient stratification and what NGS application in the pursuit of precision medicine can learn from rare and undiagnosed disease research.

By applying these technologies correctly and asking the right questions, you will be able to delve deeper into the underlying biology of a patient disease for effective clinical diagnosis and identifying personalized treatment options for patients with unmet medical needs.

CGES 2014 will deliver pioneering case studies and discussions to ensure you learn how to:

\'\' Develop robust NGS adoption and application strategies to unleash the power of clinical genome and exome sequencing fordeeper and broader understanding of disease genetics
\'\' Replicate the success of how rare disease research is helping forge the path to precision medicine through the application of whole genome and exome sequencing
\'\' Break through the data bottleneck to maximize the leading methods and tools for NGS data storage, management and analysis
\'\' Develop a complete toolkit to maximize the diagnostic and therapeutic applications of whole genome and exome sequencing in the pursuit of personalized healthcare
\'\' Harness emerging approaches to accelerate clinical genomics such as validation of biomarkers, drug repositioning and direct impact on trial design


december 3 (Wednesday) - 5 (Friday)