may, 2018

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Welcome to 6th annual Chief Medical Officer Summit. This is the annual gathering for physicians and scientists in biotech to exchange best practices in the advancement of drug development and business management. Although the program is primarily designed for CMOs of emerging biotech companies, CMOs of large pharma and other R&D decision-makers will also benefit. We are delighted to announce that the registration fee for a biotech R&D executive also covers a guest from their R&D or executive team through April 20.

We are pleased to welcome Jim Roach, MDCMOPulmatrix as co-chair of the CMO Summit for the first time.

Also joining the Summit for the first time is Azmi Nabulsi, MDCMSO, Head of R&D Strategic and Professional AffairsTakeda Pharmaceuticals, who represents the CMO large pharma perspective.

Ken GetzDirector of Sponsored Research ProgramsTufts CSDD, delivers his annual keynote on discussing Key Trends in the R&D Landscape.

2018 Highlights

  • How is the Shifting Biotech Life-Cycle Changing Clinical Partnerships with Big Pharma and the Role of the CMO?
  • Finding the Common Ground between CMOs and VCs
  • Opportunities for CMOs to Engage More Directly with Patients
  • Working with FDA and Regulatory Agencies to Advance Drug Development
  • Preparing for the Challenges of Late Stage Trials
  • How to Find the Right People and Build the A-Team
  • Going from Big Pharma to Small Biotech Leadership: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Pricing Trends and the Impact on R&D

We are Dedicated to Accomplishing Two Goals

  1. To bring together CMO and R&D executives to address the unique challenges associated with directing and managing all R&D functions with limited resources, while raising capital and strategizing for appropriate exits.
  2. To create a network of CMOs and R&D Leadership from small to mid-size life science companies to share ideas, solutions and support.


may 7 (Monday) - 8 (Tuesday)


Omni Parker House

Boston, MA