october, 2014

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Event Details

Key Trends That will be Discussed at the Conference!

Connected Healthcare 2014 is set to explore the crucial topics that are revolutionizing the connected health industry:

  • DEFINE YOUR BUSINESS MODEL AND VALUE PROPOSITION – Anticipate user needs to design and deliver user centric mHealth technology to create additional revenue streams
  • DISCOVER WHY INTEROPERABILITY IS A KEY COMPONENT FOR SCALABLE MHEALTH – Examine how – and why – streamlining the certification and standards process with a common language will allow seamless data transfer for the mobile patient
  • MHEALTH REIMBURSEMENT – WHERE IS THE MONEY AND WHO IS GOING TO PAY!- Evaluate the models that work in order to raise subscriptions and drive scalability
  • TACKLE THE DATA DEBACLE WITH ROBUST ACCESS, STORAGE AND SECURITY STRATEGIES- Learn from successful pilots and case-studies to develop secure storage and security measures for sensitive healthcare data
  • MOBILITY IS NOT ABOUT THE DEVICE…IT’S ABOUT THE USER!- Discover how you can create an adaptable and sustainable people centric solution that focuses on the physician – and the patient – to create a model they want
  • CONNECTING HEALTHCARE WITH CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR- Learn how mHealth not only encourages people to manage their own health and change behaviour through positive reinforcement but also helps hospitals and insurers save money and offer superior services

Hear Real World Case Studies from Kaiser Permanente, AbilTo, Qualcomm and Scripps Health….


october 14 (Tuesday) - 15 (Wednesday)