august, 2017



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The scientific community has handed the world an incredible tool: the ability to make precise changes to the DNA in living cells, which could allow us to eradicate diseases, transform the farming and agriculture industries, and enable massive leaps forward in environmental and life science. That is the promise of CRISPR and other technologies that allow scientists to make precise edits to genomes.

But the science behind CRISPR is just one piece of the puzzle. Now is the time to hear the voices of people whose lives could be impacted by this powerful technology: patients, doctors, farmers, consumers, nonprofit leaders, environmentalists, and other interested parties. From human and animal health to the future of the food chain, these stakeholders will play a critical role in assessing the potential of CRISPR to make the transition from the lab to the outside world.

Hosted at the University of California, Berkeley, the mission of CRISPRcon is to bring together a broad selection of diverse voices to discuss the future of this groundbreaking technology across all applications. Through keynotes, panels, interactive discussions, and networking opportunities, CRISPRcon will create a unique forum in which everyone with a stake in CRISPR can share their ideas, ask and answer questions, and make sure that their voices are heard.


august 16 (Wednesday) - 17 (Thursday)