july, 2017

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Continuing discoveries in molecular biology, genetics, and process science provide the foundation for new and improved processes and products in today\’s biochemical process industry. The production of therapeutic proteins and other biologics, made possible by discoveries in biotechnology, generated sales exceeding $300 billion in 2016.

Biotechnology is a cornerstone for improvement and expansion of the biochemical process industry for production of enzymes, diagnostics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and foods. Continued introduction of new technology necessitates innovation in process development scale-up and design as manufacturing lies on the critical path between science and the consumer.

An integral and cost intensive part of these processes is associated with downstream processing for product isolation and purification. This course aims to help participants design new, as well as to improve existing, biological manufacturing for downstream processes.


July 31 (Monday) - August 4 (Friday)


Massachusetts Institute of Technology