september, 2014

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A Place of Inspiration

It’s an opportunity to glimpse the future and begin to understand the technologies that matter and how they’ll change the face of business and drive the new global economy. It’s where technology, business, and culture converge. It’s the showcase for emerging technologies with the greatest potential to change our lives. It’s an access point to the most innovative people and companies in the world.


  • Hacking the Soul

    New neuroengineering technologies look inside the mind, making it possible to change what we think, feel, and remember.

  • Engineering Abundance

    Providing clean energy, water, and food for a global population of 9 billion requires collaboration on a global scale.

  • Techonomics and Society

    With technology constantly changing the workplace, what will it mean to be employed in the future?

  • Precision Medicine

    Genetic technologies deliver the promise of precision treatments.

  • Machines like Us

    Cognitive computing, neuromorphic chips, and agile robots are changing the way computers think and move in our world.

  • The Internet of Things Is Here

    How will our lives change now that there are twice as many things connected to the Internet as human beings on the planet?

  • 10 Breakthrough Technologies

    Talk with the leaders and companies behind the year\’s most important technology milestones.

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  • Innovators Under 35

    Meet the class of 2014. These are the young minds shaping our future.

    See the Innovators Under 35 »

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september 23 (Tuesday) - 25 (Thursday)


Convene conference center

New York, NY