april, 2017

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Excellence in Epidemiology & Risk Analysis

Overcoming Challenges in Epidemiologic Research: Enhancing Patient Representation, Risk Mitigation, and Signal Detection Data Integration

26-27 Apr 2017
Boston, MA, United States of America

Conference Workshop

Overcoming Data Limitations to Retrieve Quality Information in a Timely Manner

Epidemiology depends on valid data. The ability to gather data can be difficult and severely restricted internationally. This may be due to lack of appropriate data collection or submission of surveillance data; further complicated by a limited budget or license to use. Awareness of these limitations is crucial to making the correct decisions in retrieving the correct data from the data sets you have access to.

Workshop Moderator: Lina Titievsky

Company: Pfizer

Conference Workshop

Exploring the Role of Epidemiology in Benefit-Risk Analysis to Refine the Framework for the Assessment of Medicines

Determining the benefit-risk balance of a medicine is one of the most important steps in its development, review and post-approval re-assessment. Although evaluation and decisions are made on behalf of the at-risk population from a public-health perspective rather than that of the individual patient, the needs and perspectives of the different stakeholders and constituencies affected must also be carefully taken into account.

Workshop Moderator: Ryan Kilpatrick, Ph.D.
Why You Should Attend

Attending this marcus evans conference will enable you to assess how real world data is being used in epidemiology studies, risk management systems and strategic signal detection methods. Utilizing data sets on a global scale is key to maximum retention of data, but access to global data can be restricted and pre-existing data has its limitations. This makes it difficult for epidemiology professionals to analyze and interpret the data due to lack of time and information.

This Excellence in Epidemiology conference will bring together epidemiology, pharmacoepidemiology, signal detection and risk management professionals to discuss strategic ways to build robust data gathering techniques to optimize their utilization and acquisition of data sources.


april 26 (Wednesday) - 27 (Thursday)