october, 2014

28octallday30alldaymiRNA World 2014https://micro-rna-world.com/


Event Details

Uncover the World of miRNAs…

miRNA World 2014 will enable you to maximize the therapeutic potential of miRNAs by discovering the latest and greatest advancements in therapeuticdelivery, pharmacology strategy and target validation. 

Optimize your pre-clinical research with miRNAs to advance your understanding of everything from basic biogenesis to how to transition into the clinic. Realize thediagnostic application of circulating, exosomal and cellular miRNAs as non-invasive markers for disease.

Utilizing a multitude of interactive formats, such as keynote interviews, panel discussions, roundtables and interactive solution finding sessions, miRNA World 2014 will provide you with the answers to all of your miRNA questions.

Network with the experts and those who feel confined by the same challengesas you to:

  • Overcome the miRNA therapeutic delivery bottleneck to effectively transport miRNA anti-miRs and mimics to your desired target site
  • Amplify your diagnostic arsenal through identification of circulating, exosomal and cellular miRNAs for prognosis and diagnosis of complex and specific diseases
  • Blueprint your pharmacology strategy for miRNA therapeutics to maximizeefficacy and negate off-target effects
  • Validate clinical biomarkers and target identification to maximize output from pre-clinical and clinical research
  • Understand and apply novel approaches and opportunities such 3’ UTR polymorphisms, normalization strategies and how fundamental understanding of basic miRNA biology impacts clinical research and development


october 28 (Tuesday) - 30 (Thursday)