october, 2014

14octalldayalldayPresenting Scientific Content in a Business Environment


Event Details

On the scientific stage, presenting all of the data related to your research findings might be compelling. But when asked to present those same findings in a business environment, it can be the recipe for disaster.
•How should you tailor your message to meet the needs of your various audiences?
•What do your various audiences need to know…and not need to know?
•What are strategies that will ensure your presentation sparks action?

These are the questions we will answer in this small group, interactive workshop. This workshop provides a unique opportunity to learn how to structure your scientific message for a more business-oriented audience. You will be introduced to a simple, repeatable framework, enabling you to convey concise and compelling messages, whether you are asking for a go-no go on moving your research forward, providing updates to senior executives, or presenting your research at a company town hall.

During the workshop, each participant will:
•Deliver three presentations
•Be video recorded
•Receive one-on-one coaching and feedback from a 2Connect coach

Price includes:
•2Connect\’s Presentation Handbook
•An opportunity to deliver three presentations, be video recorded, and receive feedback
•A one-on-one video review and coaching session
•Your video-recorded presentations


All Day (Tuesday)