november, 2014

17novalldayalldaySDBN November 17th 2014 Global Biotechnology Project Management Workshop and Networking Event


Event Details

The San Diego Biotechnology Network (SDBN) is teaming up with UCSD Extension to provide customized training and workshops to meet the local industry’s needs. In a July 2014 survey, 120 respondents indicated that biotech project management was the #1 training request for the region. This result is not surprising, considering the growing popularity of outsourcing and the fact that projects are often carried out by teams spanning different companies and time zones.

For our November 17th 2014 event, we’ll hear from leading project management professionals about the needs and trends in global biotech project management. In addition, we’ll do a networking activity which will help you determine how you can best prepare for obtaining more skills in this area. We’ll also get your input on 2015 events we’re planning with UCSD Extension in 2015, andeveryone who attends will receive a coupon as well for a future SDBN/UCSD Extension biotech project management workshop.


All Day (Monday)