may, 2019

30mayalldayalldaySF State – Personalized Medicine 12.0


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Perhaps the ultimate goal of medical intervention and prevention in the developed world is the extension of healthy lifespan, minimizing the maladies of aging and limiting the time during which we are incapacitated at the end of life. Scientists studying the seemingly inevitable phenomenon of aging have shown that environmental, lifestyle and genetic factors are all involved in this complex process. In this year’s conference, Personalized Medicine 12.0: Aging & Healthspan, we probe the fundamental science of aging, the expanding arsenal of therapies to help combat the ravages of age, the costs and benefits of an extended healthy lifespan, and the ethical issues involved in concierge healthcare and life extension treatments for the wealthy, while not effectively addressing the disparity among the less fortunate multitudes. Join us for a day of extraordinary presentations, thought-provoking discussion, and memorable networking in the heart of Biotech Bay.


All Day (Thursday)