march, 2017

16maralldayalldayThe Expanding Role of CROs in External Innovation


Event Details

External innovation in drug discovery and development has mainly focused on smaller academic or peer-to-peer collaborations that are targeted and have limited scalability. External CROs are well known for their ability to execute standard assays and studies; however, increasingly, CROs are bringing forward innovative capabilities to enhance and accelerate drug discovery through development. The Expanding Role of CROs in External Innovation forum will explore current, innovative CRO capacities and the potential for scalable collaborations with CROs.

Aidan Synnott, Executive Director of Discovery Oncology, will participate in a panel discussion that examines:

  • How biotech/pharma is currently utilizing CRO capabilities
  • Why CROs innovative capabilities have rapidly expanded over the last 10 years
  • Potential for broadening the role of CROs in drug discovery and development
  • Current barriers to utilizing CROs more effectively
  • Merits of using CROs versus expanding internal resources and capabilities
  • Scalability of virtual/semi-virtual models and applicability to large biotech/pharma

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All Day (Thursday)