july, 2014

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On average, women lawyers earn approximately 87% of what their male counterparts earn. The life sciences legal industry, with its strong representation of women in upper management positions including General Counsel, Chief Legal Officer, and Chief Compliance Officer, is prime ground to effect a cultural shift.

Based on industry demand, ACI is pleased to present its inaugural Women Leaders in Life Sciences Law conference, a forum aimed at promoting woman-to-woman networking and mentorship and facilitating high-level discussion of the challenges and opportunities facing like-minded women in the life sciences legal community. Tailored to empower women in the life sciences legal community and to give women the skills necessary for continued success, this is a unique opportunity to network with and engage in candid discussion with leaders from biopharmaceutical and medical device companies including Amgen, Pfizer, Bayer, Covidien, Edwards Lifesciences, Eisai, Ipsen, Novo Nordisk, Terumo and more.

Be part of a supportive community of women in the life sciences legal space, and build enduring relationships and connections with peers facing the same professional challenges and opportunities.

Despite myriad diversity initiatives and a marked increase in women in leadership roles, the statistics show that full acceptance still manages to elude women in the profession overall. It is time to address the elephant in the room: the legal playing field has been leveled over the course of the last few decades, so why do so many women in the life sciences space still feel that they need to work harder than their male counterparts to break into an old boys’ club? It is a clear business imperative that life sciences companies and the law firms representing them must attract and retain female talent. While there are no easy answers in this space, this conference will facilitate mentorship opportunities and help form new connections amongst women leaders. Attendees will have a forum for candid discussion of gender stereotypes and other implicit obstacles to advancement, to talk about what has worked for other similarly situated women lawyers in the life sciences industry when faced with gender-specific challenges

Broaden your overall legal IQ on the salient developments affecting the life sciences legal community and develop a greater understanding of the key issues facing industry to best position yourself as a leader.


In addition to the networking opportunities and discussions of professional development issues, this is also an opportunity to hear from women leaders at the DOJ and other government agencies about their key priorities vis-à-vis life sciences companies. Take advantage of this collegial atmosphere and engage in discussion of the year’s biggest life legal developments facing your peers in IP, compliance, regulatory, and litigation across the board including Supreme and District court decisions involving pay-for-delay, pleading under the False Claims Act, off-label marketing and the First Amendment,preemption and failure to warn, patent eligible subject matter, appellate deference to claim construction and much more.


We hope you will join us for the program designed to assist like-minded women in the life sciences community moving forward in their careers. Register today by calling 888-224-2480, faxing your form to 877-927-1563 or online atwww.AmericanConference.com/LSWomen


july 28 (Monday) - 29 (Tuesday)


Marriott Boston Cambridge

50 Broadway Cambridge, MA 02142