february, 2016

22feballday24alldayWorld CNS Summit 2016


Event Details

The World CNS Summit 2016 is a unique event dedicated to translating the latest scientific understanding of the causes and mechanisms of neurodegenerative disorders  into new, targeted therapeutics in the clinic.

The summit specifically brings together scientists and business leaders from academia, biotech and pharma to help you tackle the critical challenges in targeting neurodegenerative disease and accelerating the development of  cutting edge therapeutics.

Understand the novel mechanisms at the forefront of neurodegenerative disease pathogenesis and discover how to identify and validate clinically relevant biomarkers, improve the translatability of pre-clinical modelling systems and revolutionise clinical trial design to maximize the chance of drug approval.


february 22 (Monday) - 24 (Wednesday)


MassBio HQ

300 Technology Square, Cambridge, MA 02139