june, 2015

10junallday12alldayWorld Preclinical Congress 2015


Event Details

The World Preclinical Congress (WPC; formerly the World Pharma Congress), now in its 14th year, is making a commitment to focus predominantly on preclinical research and highlight the challenges and opportunities in early drug discovery and development. World Preclinical Congress 2015 brings together some of the hottest topics being discussed in the pharma/biotech world and provides a unique forum for scientists and clinicians to exchange ideas and collaborate to overcome some of the translational challenges. This coincides with the event moving to Boston, now a premier hub for preclinical activity and alliances.

Highlights of WPC:

  • 13 conferences on some of the hottest topics in preclinical research
  • 11 short courses offering interactive discussions with experts in the field
  • Breakout discussions on key topics organized in an informal setting
  • Training seminar: Applying Pharmacology to New Drug Discovery
  • Plenary Keynote presentation by a key opinion leader
  • Large exhibit hall offering a glimpse at the latest tools and reagents
  • Poster sessions featuring cutting-edge, ongoing research
  • Networking opportunities to meet with a global gathering of scientists from academia and industry
  • Inter-disciplinary forum to meet chemists, biologists, toxicologists and people from various backgrounds
  • Student Fellowships to bring together young researchers looking to make a difference
  • Exclusive focus on ideas, technologies and interests driving preclinical decision-making
  • Sponsored talks by leading technology and service providers showcasing new offerings

Conferences included in WPC:

  • Mastering Medicinal Chemistry
  • Property Based Drug Design
  • Tumor Models for Targeted Therapy
  • Tumor Models for Immunotherapy
  • Imaging for Oncology
  • 3D Cell Models
  • Blood Brain Barrier
  • Chemical Biology
  • Chemical Proteomics
  • Functional Genomics Technologies
  • Targeting GPCRs
  • Targeting Histone Acetylation
  • Predicting Drug Toxicity


june 10 (Wednesday) - 12 (Friday)


Renaissance Boston Waterfront