SPOTLIGHT: Big4Bio:Boston 2019 Year-in-Review

Welcome to the first-ever Big4Bio Year-in-Review for the Boston region!

We hope you enjoy looking back on 2019’s top stories, deals, and M&A that went down in Boston’s research, pharma, and biotech industries as you look ahead to a fruitful 2020.

Compared to 2018, life sciences venture investment fell in Boston and across the United States. On the other hand, early stage funding rounds ramped up in Boston. Overall, the city’s unique mix of well-established companies, entrepreneurs, investors, and a pipeline of solid research and fresh graduates ensures that it will continue to prosper as a top player in the life sciences world.

This year’s 2019 report includes:

  • Data about the Boston life sciences market
  • The most-clicked stories of the Big4Bio:Boston newsletter
  • Venture investment figures, top deals, and major M&A
  • MassBio’s outlook for 2020

In some ways, the year 2019 was tough, and 2020 doesn’t promise to let up. The number of early stage investments rose while their total value fell by $100,000 compared to 2018. With presidential elections on the horizon, the debates surrounding drug prices is going to make markets wobble. In any case, Boston’s strong backbone of NIH and venture funding, and Big Pharma support will help it survive any shortfall in investment in 2020.

From now on, you can look out for a Year-in-Review report from Big4Bio for each region, every year! In the future, Big4Bio intends to include more parameters and deeper analyses in these yearly reports. We’d like to thank our partners and sponsors for making this venture a possibility.

Download the Big4Bio:Boston Year-in-Review for 2019 here!