SPOTLIGHT: Big4Bio:SFBay 2019 Year-in-Review

Welcome to the first-ever Big4Bio Year-in-Review for the San Francisco Bay Area!

We hope you enjoy looking back on 2019’s top stories, deals, and M&A that went down in San Francisco Bay’s research, pharma, and biotech industries as you look ahead to a fruitful 2020.

Here’s what you’ll find inside the Year-in-Review 2019 report:

  • Data about the San Francisco Bay Area’s life sciences industry
  • The most-clicked stories of the Big4Bio:SFBay newsletter
  • Venture investment figures, top deals, and major M&A
  • Biocom’s outlook for 2020

From now on, you can look out for a Year-in-Review report from Big4Bio for each region, every year! In the future, Big4Bio intends to include more parameters and deeper analyses in these yearly reports. We’d like to thank our partners and sponsors for making this venture a possibility.

Download the Big4Bio:SFBay Year-in-Review for 2019 here!