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September 2022: Life Science Cares

Life Science Cares leverages the power of the life science industry to solve one of our most intractable social issues—poverty. They currently operate in locations that boast a critical mass of companies working in biotech, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, and research: Boston, Philadelphia, San Diego and the San Francisco Bay Area — the Big4Bio regions.

Life Science Cares reduces the effects of poverty in these regions by making financial, multi-year grants to a cohort of nonprofits while also recruiting volunteers and directing donated goods to their organizations. The result is an efficient model of support that both increases the capacity of nonprofits to serve and provides valuable team-building and corporate social responsibility benefits for companies.

Life Science Cares (LSC) supports these organizations in three ways:

  • Direct significant and flexible funding via grants to nonprofits.
    They prioritize multi-year awards that allow organizations to plan and lower the administrative burden of reapplying year after year, and send passionate volunteers to these organizations to supply them with a workforce that can make a measurable difference.
  • Collect hundreds of thousands of dollars in donated goods to help address the need in the community. This can range from clothing, non-perishable food items, diapers and wipes, furniture for people leaving homelessness, to pajamas and toys for kids.
  • Collaborate on projects with nonprofits so LSC can help them increase their capacity by matching them with the professionals in our industry who can help.

One charitable effort is the Timmerman Traverse 2022 benefiting Life Science Cares, which will take an intrepid group of hikers 23 miles across the Presidential Traverse in the White Mountains over the course of three days, September 11-14. Each of the 20 leaders in the life science sector has committed to raising a minimum of $25,000 for Life Science Cares and its network of nonprofit partners.

More details on the Big4Bio podcast, “Life Sciences Executives Learn to Give Until It Hurts”:

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