The Fascinating Saga of Elizabeth Holmes

From “In a 3-part series, Gisele Waters dives into the amazing world of Elizabeth Holmes, and the paradigm shift that her company, Theranos, is beginning to make around the consumerization of healthcare.”

An excerpt:

“Elizabeth Holmes has stealthily and steadily set up an operations infrastructure to make one of the biggest impacts on healthcare and medicine than any other person in one generation, I would argue. Her ‘crawl, walk, run’ phased rollout of Theranos Wellness Centers across 8200 Walgreens has placed individual empowerment over our own health data within 5 miles of our homes. This will in and of itself begin to fundamentally change the relationship between patient and doctor.”

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Extra (12/17) – more from the SF Business Times: Newsmaker 2014: Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos mystify, excite life sciences