Big4Bio and KMA & Co. Announce the Publishing of DEI 2021 Pivot Report

SAN FRANCISCO – Big4Bio and KMA & Company proudly announces the publishing of the organizations’ first pivot report, “DEI 2021,” which shares information about the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) activities, events, and strategies that have occurred within the Big4Bio life science regions in 2021.

These “pivot reports” will be periodic reports from Big4Bio and KMA & Company that examine emerging issues facing the life sciences industry and how companies and regional trade associations are responding or could respond to these disruptions.

“As one of the most prevalent issues facing our industry – almost every industry – we felt the need to share developments and impact DEI has had within the Big4Bio regions,” said Tilton Little, CEO of BigBio Communications and publisher of Big4Bio. “We hope this DEI report is beneficial to all of our readers and that it can serve as a helpful guide for new initiatives.”

Outline of report:

– Introduction
– SWOT analysis of DEI efforts within the sectors
– Aggregation of DEI coverage (notable/most-clicked news) in Big4Bio markets
– Q&A’s and event recap with regional advisors and trade group representatives on efforts and plans
– Aggregation of new DEI roles and program developments
– Acknowledgments

The pivot report series will continue in 2022 and future editions will be announced soon. “These pivot reports will provide a platform where we can step away from the daily torrent of industry news and look at how disruptive changes in technology, markets, or society are impacting the life sciences sector,” says Cassie Arnold, Principal, KMA & Company.

For more information about the report or the Pivot Report series, contact us at