Big4Bio Expansion Podcasts

BigBio Communications is proud to announce the upcoming expansion and brand repositioning of Big4Bio, the life science industry’s leading daily aggregator of news and developments of the top bioscience clusters in the world. The “Big 4” of Big4Bio has been rebranded to represent the company’s focus areas: drugs, devices, diagnostics, and digital (also known as “the four D’s”), and with this expansion to the new regions of New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle, and the DC/Capital Region, we spoke with local leaders for their insights about the latest developments in each region.


New York City, in addition to being a financial capital of the world, is also a major center for biotech. The New York/New Jersey region has long had the presence of top academic research institutions and a large number of top pharmaceutical companies, but it is also the top region for funding from the National Institutes of Health and third in terms of biotech jobs. We spoke to Nancy Kelley, president and CEO of Nancy J. Kelley and Associates and founding member of Builds Bio+, about the New York/New Jersey region for biotech, its strengths, and what’s ahead for the sector there.


The Los Angeles/Orange County region leads the nation in life sciences jobs. It’s sixth in venture capital, and seventh in National Institutes of Health Funding. As Big4Bio expands with a new edition to cover the life sciences community in the greater Los Angeles area, we spoke to David Whelan, CEO of BiosciencesLA about the strengths of the region, the vibrant ecosystem for industry to grow there, and the key challenges it faces.


Seattle’s life sciences sector has long boasted top-tier research institutions like the University of Washington and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. The region ranks fourth in venture capital funding for biotech. The decision by Pfizer to acquire Seattle Genetics for $43 billion reflects the region’s ability to develop innovative companies that build value. We spoke to Luke Timmerman, founder and editor of The Timmerman Report, about the strengths of the Seattle biotech region, the ecosystem for industry to grow there, and more.



The Capital Region, which includes Maryland/Virgina/and Washington, D.C., is home to the federal government, including the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The region is fourth largest in terms of biotech jobs and sixth in venture capital funding. We spoke to Ulyana Desiderio, director of life sciences for the Maryland Department of Commerce, about biotech in the Capital Region, the thriving ecosystem for the industry to grow, and what’s ahead for biotech there.