The Big4Bio Company to Watch Program
July 2021: Meissa Vaccines


Meissa Vaccines Is Driven to Rid the World of Viral Respiratory Scourges

Meissa Vaccines is on a mission to solve a puzzle that has eluded scientists for decades—a pediatric vaccine against respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV.




Building Single Dose, Intranasal Vaccines to Prevent COVID-19 and RSV

Making vaccines from a live virus is a balancing act between safety and immunogenicity that, if successful, can promote broad immunity that mimics natural immunity against the infecting agent.




Podcast: How a Long Effort to Protect Against RSV May Lead to a Better COVID-19 Vaccine

Marty Moore, founder and CEO of Meissa Vaccines, talks more about Meissa’s platform technology, how it works, and why its approach could provide significant benefits over existing COVID-19 vaccines.



Q&A With Meissa Vaccines’ Board Chairperson, Kenneth J. Kelley

In the final feature of Big4Bio’s Company to Watch program for July, we asked Meissa Vaccines’ Board Chairperson Kenneth J. Kelley about his predictions for Meissa and the importance of the company’s efforts.