september, 2015

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Over 33 million presentations are delivered each business day. Many of these presentations are trying to accomplish the same thing – sell a message, raise money or promote research, products and services. Whether you are presenting to a prospective strategic partner, communicating to the Board of Directors or preparing to present to the FDA, presenters have a lot to gain or lose.

Is your message clear?
Are you connecting with your audience?
Will your presentation spark action?

This small group, hands-on workshop provides a unique opportunity to sharpen your skills and ensure that you and your message stand out. Each participant will deliver three presentations, be video recorded, and receive one-on-one coaching and feedback from a 2Connect coach.

Price includes:
•2Connect\’s Presentation Handbook
•An opportunity to deliver three presentations, be video recorded, and receive feedback
•A one-on-one video review and coaching session
•Your video recorded presentations
•Email support after the workshop

Questions? Contact Nikki Prestidge at or 858-638-7544.


All Day (Wednesday)



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