may, 2018

30may5:30 pm8:30 pmArtificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Drug Discovery: Moving Beyond the Hype


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Will artificial intelligence solve the drug discovery productivity crisis?

There needs to be a fundamental shift in drug discovery, and artificial intelligence may be the key to bringing the pharma industry into the 21st century. Drug makers and tech companies are investing billions of dollars in artificial intelligence with the hope that AI will make the drug discovery process faster and cheaper. From designing better compounds to targeting the correct patients for clinical trials, machine learning and advanced algorithms may be utilized to increase the speed and success of drug development. As many as 74% of life science executives believe that AI will result in significant change or even completely transform their industry within 3 years.

However, not everyone is convinced that AI will transform drug development. There is caution until the true power of these technologies is completely understood, concern that AI is “over-hyped,” and skepticism among the public about its value. This program will provide new insights and experiences on how to move away from the hype. Innovators and entrepreneurs from some of the hottest companies in the field will present real world case studies based on the latest science demonstrating how to harness AI and ML to transform aspects of the life sciences industry, from R&D through personalized medicine. This is followed by an interactive panel discussion around the current state of the field, regulatory and other development hurdles, and what the future of AI and ML in drug discovery holds.


(Wednesday) 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm