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Hosted by Associate Professor Clodagh O\’Shea and featuring a scientific presentation followed by a ceremony and reception to recognize the inaugural Salk Women & Science Special Awards Initiative Recipients

Amy Rommel
Reprogramming Cancer Cells – A Novel Approach to Cancer


\'AmyAmy Rommel is a postdoctoral research associate in ProfessorInder Verma\’s laboratory of genetics. Rommel focuses her efforts on one of the most lethal forms of cancer, glioblastoma. Her current work proposes novel strategies to treat glioblastoma, changing the game on how we treat cancer.


The funds raised from our Salk Women & Science Special Awards Initiative, launched this past October, will provide special awards to female scientists conducting high-risk research projects.

To date, we have received gifts totaling $60,000, including five very generous lead gifts fromElizabeth Keadle, Carol and John Gallagher/Gallagher Charitable Fund, Lyn Nelson, Hoyle Cohen Women’s Practice and Lynne Rosenthal and Patti Silver/Leo S. Guthman Fund. We are more than halfway to reaching our goal of $100K!

We are pleased to announce a NEW Women & Science Challenge! Lynne Rosenthal andPatti Silver/Leo S. Guthman Fund have just created a $25,000 challenge grant in memory of renowned English scientist Rosalind Franklin to fund the Salk Women & Science Special Awards Initiative. They will match every dollar, up to $25,000, donated to the Initiative.

The Salk Women & Science program is making great strides toward awareness of the need for more women and other underrepresented groups to fully participate in science innovation. By supporting this program you will encourage more young women to pursue science as a career, assist in mentoring those already in the field and support the work of scientists on the brink of major achievements. Our goal is to showcase the contributions of brilliant women scientists and encourage and empower more women to embrace scientific research as a focus of their personal interest and philanthropy.

Please consider becoming part of our mission by making a contribution to the Salk Women & Science Special Awards Initiative. Your contribution will help provide the resources our scientists need to accelerate the pace of discovery into clinical settings to benefit you and your loved ones.



\'ElizabethFor more information, please contact:
Elizabeth (Betsy) Reis
Director of Donor Relations
Phone: 858 453-4100 ext. 1426


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